Our house rules

  We won't allow your dog(s) without the proper and neccesary vaccinations according to OUR preferences.

This is to protect your own dog and our other guests.  Please check the vaccinations thoroughly, not all vets handle the same vaccination procedure and use the same vaccins.  That is why we have our own vaccination policy.

Attention: if the vaccinations don't live up to our demands, we are obliged to refuse your animal(s).

Your dog has to be vaccinated for all current diseases.  Usually a cocktail is given.  The most important important vaccination in our kennel is the one for kennel cough.

All dogs need to be additionally vaccinated with a kennel cough vaccination.  We advise the Nobivac DHBPPI or Nobivac KC vaccination (NL) given as a nose drop.  The Pneumodog vaccination for kennel cough is injected.  The basic vaccination is two injections given with an interim of 2 - 3 weeks.  The kennel cough injection shouldn't be younger than 10 days or older than 6 months when the dogs arrive.

Furthermore injections shouldn't expire during the dog's stay.

We shall do our utmost to make your dog's stay as pleasant as possible.  A few important rules should be considered.


    Obliged documents

Your dog's European dog passport (blue booklet).  This booklet will stay in our care as long as the dog is with us.

Possible medication with written instructions.

      What is allowed to bring along?

Toys, candy, own food.
      Flea prevention

You will have to take care of this prevention 5 days before your dog arrives in our dog hotel.

We feed "Proplan".  All guests are fed separately, that way we can check if they are eating properly.  If necessary we give your dog his own food.  We can't have a stock of different kinds of food.  In that case we ask you to bring along the dog's own food for the whole duration of the stay.  Please remember to bring along food for an extra few days.  Due to circumstances it's always possible that your dog has to stay a while longer.

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