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The passion for animals seems to be inborn with both of us.  From our childhood we both have held all kinds of animals.  We almost drove our parents crazy by bringing home anything that lives.  Dogs have always been a part of our lives.  Later the interest in breeding with animals grew: chicken, rabbits & goats passed the scene.  More and more we saw the importance of the genetic rules.  This was knowledge that seemed to be handy later on.

In the beginning of the eighties we took knowledge of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  This was love at first sight !  In the beginning of February 1987, after two years of getting information, visiting shows, reading books and visiting breeders, we got our first female:
Kim van 't Ballaershof
(Boris von Weissenstein x Orla von Wynental).  One year later, Kim's half sister came to us:

Lotti van 't Ballaershof
(Sasso La Vaux x Orla von Wynental).
She would be the mother of the "Van de Klaverhoeve" blood line. 

In combination with Pacha von Gabiar
they both brought some remarkable show dogs:

Obry van de Klaverhoeve

BOB World Dog Show Dortmund 1992 at the age of only 16 months

Qaey van de Klaverhoeve

BOB KK-Show Holland 1993 at 17 months of age
Third open class male World Dog Show Bern out of 90 entries in open class
Later he won many titels and became Multi Champion
Many of his children and grand children grew up to be excellent show dogs.
Seven of Qaey's siblings became more than 11 years old !

Until now we still have international success with descendants from this extraordinary blood line and other important kennels seem to appreciate the quality of our dogs.

We would like to thank Guy & Lief Wens - Van Ballaer (here we bought our first breeding females & we learned a lot about Swiss kennels and pedigrees), Jo & Wilma Bollen (owners of Pacha von Gabiar - they were always ready for advice and help, something we could really appreciate as starting breeders back then), Jens & Lisbet Ramsing from Denmark (with over 35 years of experience as top breeders (12 World Winners) and as worldwide judges, they collected a treasure of information about the Bernese Mountain Dog.  To let us profit of this, we consider a large privilege.  Through Jens & Lisbet we got good contacts with breeders all over the world, among others: Finland, Norway, England, Canada, USA, Israël, Germany, Hungary,... .

Furthermore, we would like to thank all our puppy buyers who took the best care of their dogs - something very important for the breeders.

We wish you lots of fun on our new website !

André & Maria Verschueren

We did not create the Bernese Mountain Dog,
we only try to improve him

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