Cat hotel De Klaverhoeve

  Our hotel is fully equipped to give your cat a pleasant, carefree holiday.  Most of the time the cats a in a large space.  Both in and outside they can play, climb and have fun.  They can also enjoy a quiet little nap if they want to.

Frightened or agressive cats stay in a separate space during their entire stay.  This is exceptional, however.

Cats have dry food and fresh water at their disposal at all times.  Those who wish get canned food.

Since we have an elaborate choice menu, most cats will eat.  Difficult eaters are exceptional.  If we have any doubts, the cat in question will be placed in a separate place so that we can perfectly control their eating behavior.

Fights are very exceptional.  After all your cat doesn't defend her own territory like at home.  Real troublemakers will stay in a separate space.

Are there risks involved during their stay?

Sneezing illness
This is a viral infection and your cat should be vaccinated for it.  Just like a flu vaccination, this is not 100 % secure.  However, in that case we are dealing with a milder form of sneezing illness.

Obliged documents?

* Valid European passport - vaccination booklet.
* Possible medication with written directions.


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